Communicative Layout for Mauro Molino

Allestimento creativo per Mauro Molino: Blulab Creative Lab e Progetti Colore

Mauro Molino is a young and dynamic winery, closely linked to tradition and its roots. It produces wines from Nebbiolo da Barolo, Langhe DOC Nebbiolo and Barbera d’Alba vineyards.

With the aim of enhancing the new building that houses the winery and tasting room, Mauro Molino commissioned us to design an engaging customer experience for visits or tastings.

The path leading to the panoramic terrace becomes part of the winery’s story and requires a design that unites information and emotions.

Blulab Creative Lab, in collaboration with architect Silvia Graziano of Progetti Colore, has created a Communicative Layout project.

We have identified points of interest will engage the visitor during their time at the winery in an exciting yet easy to follow guided tour, full of clear indications.

  • Designing the route
  • Definition of points of interest
  • Design of installations
  • Design of the Mauro Molino sign made of laser-cut sheet iron
  • Logo painted on exterior walls with the aid of a stencil
  • Window stickers
  • Iron totem at the entrance, illuminated by built-in leds
  • Winery panel in the barrel cellar, illuminated by built-in leds
  • Panel with vineyard map on the panoramic terrace

Communication and coordination project: Blulab
Design & website: Blulab

Insegna Mauro Molino: progetto e realizzazione a cura di Blulab Creative Lab
Vetrofania Tasting Room Mauro Molino: progetto e realizzazione Blulab Creative Lab
Logo Mauro Molino: stencil e design su ferro
Vetrofania Bottaia per Mauro Molino: design e realizzazione Blulab Creative Lab
Pannello storia Mauro Molino, illuminato da led
Panoramica Cantina Mauro Molino: stencil su progetto Blulab Creative Lab
Mauro Molino: insegna realizzata da Creative Lab con la collaborazione di Progetti Colore
Raccontiamo la storia di Mauro Molino: progetto di comunicazione Blulab Creative Lab in collaborazione con Progetti Colore
Vetrofania realizzata da Blulab Creative Lab in collaborazione con Progetti Colore