Collaborative tools to change the way the company works

Blulab has chosen Google Apps for Work as its collaborative tool, to increase the productivity of its team, and proposes this tool as an innovative solution to clients and partners.

We are currently witnessing an in-depth change in the methods and tools used to work in business, particularly those used for collaboration, calendars, schedules and emails.

Companies are finally filling the gap between the tools that people use every day to share and communicate, and those placed at their disposal in the office and when working out of office.

This is why the cloud applications offered by Google Apps for Work to the business world provide a vital opportunity for a company that wants to grow and innovate.

Why use Google Apps for Work?

Apps for work is a service that reduces the overall cost of software, hardware, server and operation and ensures:
Data security
Constant connection in time and space
Collaboration inside and outside the company, with greater productivity
Efficiency of costs and less environmental impact


Digital tools for ebusiness

Blulab develops new additional services in order to meet the needs of the companies that live and work in the digital world, for institutional communication, digital marketing and retail. Having ascertained the growing trend in the digitalisation of communication, sale and customer care processes, there is a need to connect the data flow generated by complex communication and online sales systems to the company’s data flow system, so that business decisions can be made.
The services supplied by Blulab include integration with CRM for ebusiness, integration with UIMP, integration with competitor and content analysis platforms, integration with platforms for sending newsletters, integration with booking management platforms, integration with helpdesk systems and online chat systems for websites, integration of different data sources in a single dashboard, integration with logistics and shipping platforms, …

Web marketing

Blulab assists the company with the definition of digital marketing strategies, in relation to the budget available in the choice and integration of web marketing tools:
Search Engine Marketing: SEO and SEM
Email Marketing – DEM
Digital Advertising
Company blogs, Social Network
Shopping comparison sites

Organic indexing

For Blulab, SEO is an integral part of web development, not an optional service: we work every day with the aim of obtaining the best positioning possible for our clients on Google. The algorithms of Google are regularly updated: keeping the web platforms up to date with the demands of the search engines is far from easy, and requires not only technological skills, but also an understanding of the company’s business.

Analytics and business strategies

Blulab offers direct access to the statistics of the websites through Google Analytics. We design advanced reporting panels on the basis of customer requirements and needs.

The analysis of the qualitative and quantitative data of digital projects is essential to improve the on-line experience of clients and potential clients, to conceive new marketing and communication strategies, to structure and monitor the results of the activities performed.

Dominions, email and hosting

Since 1999, hundreds of clients have chosen us and continue to put their trust in us.

Blulab has extensive experience in managing dominions and can register or transfer any national or international extension for you (.it, .com, .eu, .biz, .org, .net, etc).

We also provide email and web hosting services to meet every need expressed by companies of all sizes.