Defining the business identity

When activating an ecommerce channel, you need to have a clear idea of the company’s identity, its business goals, potential clients and its communication and marketing strategy. Blulab helps companies design the digital tool that satisfies the requirements identified, taking into account the online buying habits of users, the most innovative technological solution and the complex digital system which hosts the new business channel.

Choosing a reliable, versatile technological solution, integrated with the web ecosystem

We have decided to develop our ecommerce solutions using international platforms capable of guaranteeing excellent results, keeping pace with technological evolutions and digital behaviours, with strong infrastructural characteristics.

We develop ecommerce projects using PrestaShop, for which we are the first Italian web agency to become a certified PrestaShop Platinum Partner, and Magento.

Experience and in-depth knowledge of the technological tools that we work with allow us to extensively customise the platforms, so that we can satisfy the business requirements of our clients and meet their needs.

Structuring the product catalogue and range on offer

The heart of the company’s online offering: an extensive catalogue or selection of products, proposal of offers or exclusive conditions: it is essential to choose how to position and structure the catalogue. Blulab helps the company structure the on-line catalogue, review the categories on the basis of digital buying habits and also review the product presentation methods.

Integrating ecommerce into the company

Ecommerce is just one of the sales channels available: Blulab helps integrate the digital channel with traditional business channels. Although the contact channels are different and continue to increase in number, the buyer sees the shopping experience as a single process.

The challenge, particularly for traditional retailers, is to respond to the unique experience of the final consumer, who relates constantly to the same brand and interacts with the same merchant, regardless of the different methods used. (NetRetail – NetComm)

  • Credit Card

  • Bank Transfer

  • Cash on Delivery

Offering payment alternatives to suit a range of preferences

Italy 2014: for every 100 orders placed online, 80 payments are handled by credit card, prepaid card or electronic accounts, three are paid via bank transfer, with seven paid for cash on delivery. We complete our platforms with the payment methods that best suit the needs of users and the company on the basis of demographic and geographic criteria, buying habits and business targets.

Organising logistics and shipments to suit market demands


Parcels sent in europe in 2014

3.7 billion parcels sent in the EU in 2014: logistics, shipments and the management of returns are essential when planning ecommerce. Blulab offers solutions for integration with advanced logistic and shipping companies, with a view to simplifying this business management phase, offering end customers a high-quality service and helping the entrepreneur focus on the heart of his project.

Connecting ecommerce to the ecosystem of the web

Digital projects live within a complex and constantly evolving ecosystem. Blulab helps companies choose technological platforms that allow the business to evolve and to effectively and efficiently respond to the market’s demands.

Integration with ERP
Search engines customised in-store
Integration with the marketplace
Integration with price comparison tools

Attracting visitors and transforming them into clients

Blulab develops contents and designs advertising campaigns to attract visitors, transforming them into clients and obtaining their loyalty.

Web marketing is effective if several online communication methods are used as part of an overall strategy to promote a company, generate traffic on the website or increase sales. Blulab helps you define the best strategy for your needs and offers you constant monitoring of the results thanks to integrated campaigns, email marketing campaigns and Adword campaigns.


Newsletters sent every year by blulab to its clients

First 10 nations for ecommerce sales turnover (in billions of euros)

Usa - 3150%

China - 2470%

UK - 1070%

Japan - 810%

Germany - 630%

France - 510%

Australia - 270%

Canada - 180%

Russia - 15,50%

South Korea - 150%

Expanding the market at international level

The nations which develop the highest online sales turnover are the USA, China, the UK, Japan, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, Russia and South Korea: ready to internationalise your business? It isn’t just a matter of translation, it’s more a question of structuring your business for export: logistics, marketing, customer care and the choice of the marketplaces on which to operate. Blulab supports business decisions with technological solutions suited to meeting a whole variety of needs.

Monitoring evolutions and constantly developing functions, channels, marketing strategies and communication

The digital context is constantly on the move: technologies are evolving all the time, as is user behaviour. Digital projects need to be kept constantly under observation to develop functionality, as well as marketing and communication activities compliant with market demands, capable of grasping business opportunities and responding to technological change.