Triple A: Agriculturists, Artisans, Artists

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Triple A was launched in 2001 and is a project conceived and strongly pursued by Luca Gargano, inspired by the movement of the same name, which envisages the careful selection of wines and producers that meet the most stringent criteria. The institutional dimension, focused on thorough communication of the Triple A world, is seamlessly combined with Ecommerce, with neither prevailing over the other.

A sui generis site, which hosts wines and a modest selection of Italian gastronomic specialities, with a double selection grid structured according to search by producer or search by product.

The three A’s represent the attributes that a producer must have to become part of the Movement: A for Agriculturist, A for Artisan and A for Artist.

Triple “A” wines are thirst-quenching, they generate conviviality and are the supreme expression of man’s savoir faire as well as being a tangible symbol of the forces of love which start with a positive agricultural gesture and end up sealing the breath of the wind, the light of the sun, the essence of the earth and the thousands, or millions of feelings and actions that have taken place in the vineyard in a bottle… And when they are poured into a glass, they caress the palate and bring a gleam to the eye.
Luca Gargano

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